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This entire page is devoted to providing clear and more importantly, usable information in the forms of articles, videos, and resources.   A one-stop show for free, yet high quality information is the goal.

Feel free to use the site any way you want, but if you asked us…we would say:

  1. IMG_2514Watch the SAFETY RULES video first!  (upper left side of menu)
  2. Start by checking out the material in the section that best fits who you are.  For example…if you are new to shooting and guns, start in the “new shooters” section.  If you are more advanced, check out the newest article that cover the more advanced material.
  3. Of course every one of you should check out the training videos (look up and to the left….yep, right there under Videos!).   They say a picture is worth a thousand words….which means that video is worth tens of thousands!
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We will close with this…in a world where guns are evil and people have refused to take responsibility for their own safety, you make the difference.   Thank you for believing in the right to own firearms for sport or self-protection, and we hope to have helped you become a better shooter!!

Stay Safe,  Freeguntraining.com Staff